• First Day of School Monday, September 11th

    Monday, September 11, 2017 will be the first day of school.

    Kindergarten only will have a 12pm dismissal.

    Icahn Charter School 1
  • 2016-2017 School Year Calendar

    Icahn Charter Schools

Icahn Charter Schools

Superintendent:    Jeffrey Litt
Deputy Superintendent:   Daniel Garcia 
Deputy Superintendent: Richard Santiago
Principal:   Rose Arocho

Mission Statement

The mission of Icahn Charter Schools is to use the Core Knowledge curriculum, developed by E.D. Hirsch, to provide students with a rigorous academic program offered in an extended day/year setting. Students will graduate armed with the skills and knowledge to participate successfully in the most rigorous academic environments, and will have a sense of personal and community responsibility.


  Icahn 1 Code of Conduct.pdf 

Reading at Icahn 1



Icahn Charter School 1 students are continuing to read 30 minutes in school and 30 minutes at home for the 100 Book Challenge Program. This quantity practice targets are set, monitored, and rewarded to ensuring every student adopts the independent reading routines of academic success.

Students are leveled based on what readers need to know and be able to do at each of the five developmental stages of reading acquisition.

Daily practice at home is to engage parents in their child’s learning, and ensures that every student adopts the independent reading routines of academically successful learners.

Parents: Click below to learn more about the 100 Book Challenge Program Grades K-5


LightSail is a program we have been using in sixth and seventh grade ELA classes to increase student achievement in reading. The LightSail program allows students to choose from a wide variety of genres, written to correspond with their reading levels while at the same time increasing their comprehension.  

Texts are arranged according to lexile level, and titles are high interest and chosen for grade level appropriateness.  In-text questions challenge students as they read and encourage a deep engagement with the text. As a result, lexile levels improve and update through embedded formative assessments which are available for teachers to analyze and reflect upon to inform their instruction.

The students enjoy LightSail, especially the ability to choose from a variety of titles. They say it is a "relaxing" time, where they can experience many different kinds of literature. - Ms. Aldebot

 We are so proud of all the students at Icahn 1.  Keep up the good work! 

Lottery News!


The lottery was held on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Congratulations to all new incoming students! As of Friday April 21, 2017 all letters have been mailed out. 

You may now come in to the school to fill out a waiting list application.

Icahn Charter School 1 
1525 / 1506 Brook Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10457




Attention Parents!

Icahn Summer Reading List 2017.pdf 


- It's time to restock your school supplies!!

 2017-2018 School Supply List K-8.pdf 



Student of the Month


Kindergarten Ms. Dash: Johnathan Paul
Ms. Wright: Fatoumata Tafsir

First Grade Mrs. Jarer: Lismary Quinones
Ms. Thurston: Kenneth Reyes

Second Grade Ms. Pleasant: Coumba Diallo
Ms. Austin: Kennedy Murrell

Third Grade Ms. Ortiz: Derrinique Mack
Ms. Sierra: Helen Frias-Espino

Fourth Grade Ms. O'Flaherty: Ashley Quevedo
Ms.Afflick: Zariah Joseph

Fifth Grade Mr. Meyer: Felix Pellot
Mr. Silfen: Nigella Bennett

Sixth Grade Mrs. Aldebot: Dylan Jones
Mr. Popescu: Hailee Garcia

Seventh Grade Mr. Williams: Nahzir Davis
Ms. Lucido: Osaretin Erhunmwunse

Eighth Grade Ms. Oyola: Nathalie Lopez
Mr. Liardi: Fadilatou Toure

Monthly Events / Special Dates

2017 NYS Exam Dates

IOWA Exam Grades K-7
Tuesday, 6/6 -Friday, 6/16


Biology (Living Environment)
Friday, 6/16

Algebra 1 (Common Core)
Thursday,  6/15

Second Language Proficiency (Spanish)
Monday, 6/19

NYS English Language Arts Exam Grades 3-8
Tuesday, 3/28 through Thursday, 3/30

NYS Math Exam Grades 3-8
Tuesday, 5/2 through Thursday, 5/4

For additional test practice/ resources, click on the links below:


NYC DOE Monthly Lunch Menu:


I-C-A-H-N Cheerleaders!

The Icahn 1 Cheerleaders performed at the Parent Showcase on June 20th at Pelham Parkway. Their flips, splits, cheers and sass were appreciated and applauded by all! The girls varied their performance with graduate cheers, a choreographed dance, merged lines and concluded with a kickline routine! It was quite a marvelous sight to see!

Congratulations to our students who made the Icahn Charter School 1 2016-2017  4th -6th Grade Girls and Boys Basketball Team! 


 4th -6th Grade Game Schedule 2016_2017.pdf 

Basketball Game Locations.pdf 

Where Have We Been

Icahn 1's 5th Graders visit Philadelphia!


Kindergarten Trip to Maritime Aquarium


Kindergarten Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Monday, March 13, 2017


6th Grade Trip to Poe Cottage
Thursday, December 8, 2016 


Upcoming Events

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