2020-2021 | WELCOME

Welcome Icahn 1 Students & Parents to the 2020-2021 School Year




 ICS1 Welcome Letter 2020



Important Bus Information

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2020-2021 | School Reopening Information

Icahn Schools Reopening Forms




Icahn Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting Recording - 8.21.2020


Please click on the link below for details regarding plans for reopening.

Icahn Charter Schools Reopening Plan - 2020-2021


2020-2021  |  Icahn Schools Academic Calendar

Icahn Calendar


Parent & Guardian Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:
By this time, you are most probably aware that Mayor De Blasio stated that schools will be open in September. At the same time, President Trump has threatened to withhold money from schools. Our governor, correctly stated that he is the only one who has the authority to open schools, or close them. .
Please be advised that my administrative team in the Network Office has been working throughout the period we were closed, to design several plans for September. This is a huge task. We must submit our plans to the NYS Education Department by July 31.
Once our plans are approved, we will notify all parents. What is certain at this time, is that students will be in the actual school building approximately 2 weeks per month and have 2 weeks at home on the computer.
Again, please be reminded that no child will be admitted to an Icahn school without a mask. The mask must be worn all day by children and staff while in the building.
Thank you for your continued cooperation.
As always, thank you for your wonderful children.
Jeff Litt
****Important Notice for the upcoming school year (2020-2021)****
Chromebook Return Notice for June 30th*

 Chromebook Return Notice for June 30th

i-Ready Parent Information
GoGuardian Parent Letter

Frontline Education - Daily Application to enter building.

Important Information

Important Notices



Dear Parents,

As you are aware, we are facing a world-wide epidemic known as the Coronavirus. I am writing to assure you that Icahn Charter Schools are following all recommendations from the Center for Disease Control. I would like to report some of the important steps that we have taken to protect the children and staff as much as possible:

 Coronavirus Letter March 04, 2020  

 Correspondence to parents

 March letter to parents

 Weekly update to parents April 12, 2020

School meals

For information on the nearest location for your child to pick up breakfast, lunch and dinner please go to this link:


You will be asked your address and other questions to give you the nearest city school.

Teachers Wanted

Please click on the links below regarding employment at Icahn Charter School 1.  Please send resumes to Mr. Lawford Cunningham - Lcunningham@ccics.org.  

 Elementary Teachers K-6 seeking employment.pdf  

Middle School Teachers seeking employment.pdf 


Bus Information


Icahn Charter School 1 uses Bobby's Bus Co. INC

Bobby's Bus Co. Inc. 718- 409- 4600

Attached is the 2017-2018 bus routes

 Bussing information 

2020 State Test dates


Progress Report Distribution


Progress Report #4 (April 7th, 2020)

Progress Report #5 (May 29th, 2020)

Progress Report #6 (July 2nd, 2020)


National School Choice 2020






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Icahn Charter School 1 Renewal

Icahn Charter School 1

Superintendent: Jeffrey Litt

Deputy Superintendent: Daniel Garcia

Deputy Superintendent: Richard Santiago

Principal: Lawford M. Cunningham

Staff Developer: Jessica Thoms