Superintendent: Mr. Jeffrey Litt
Deputy Superintendent: Mr. Daniel Garcia
Principal: Ms. Rose Arocho-Fullam

Major Announcements


School begins at 8:30 am and will end at 3:45 pm for all students. 
Beginning this year all students will regularly be dismissed at 3:45 pm unless told differently.

2014-2015 School Calendar.doc

Reading 30 minutes daily will keep you on target with the 100 Book Challenge Program. 

Parents: Click below to learn more about the 100 Book Challenge Program Grades K-5

June 2014

We are so proud of all the students at Icahn 1. These students have already reached 1000 steps and have read for more than 250 hours. Keep up the good work!

Icahn 1 loves 100 Book Challenge!

Mrs. Roman & Mrs. Byrne

Daily Announcements

Media reported that schools and parents should be prepared for a significant dip in scores that could have included as much as thirty (30%) drop in overall English Language Arts and Mathematics New York State Examinations

                 2012-2013 Results

Grade 3.................56% NYS ELA
                            63% NYS Mathematics

Grade 4................. 40% NYS ELA
                             50% NYS Mathematics

Grade 5...................64% NYS ELA
                              73% NYS Mathematics

Grade 6....................40% NYS ELA
                                77% NYS Mathematics

Grade 7...................9% NYS ELA
                               44% NYS Mathematics

Grade 8 ...................17% NYS ELA
                                47% NYS Mathematics

Senior Dance

Senior Dance June 24th

Poetry Cafe

Here is a link to the presentation for our Poetry Cafe.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 24
Meet the Teacher Evening
Elementary School Grades1-4
Thursday, September 25
School Closed
Friday, September 26
Football Game 1
School Closed
Monday, September 29
Welcome Back!

Students of the Month

September: Kindergarten Ms. Wright - Ms. Gonzalez -

1st Grade

Mrs. Jarer -

Ms. Sierra -

2nd Grade

Mrs. Figueroa -

Ms. Gallegos - 3rd Grade

Ms. Cosme -

Ms. Lora -

4th Grade

Ms. O'Flaherty -

Mrs. Cook -

5th Grade

Mr. Meyer -

Mr. Silfen -

6th Grade

Mrs. Aldebot-

Ms. Haspil -

7th Grade

Mr. Ewashchyshyn -

Ms. Heberer - 8th Grade

Ms. Oyola -

Mr. Liardi -

Board Meeting Agendas

   Click the links 
to view recent Board Meeting Agendas:

June Board Minutes.pdf

Poetry Slam June 2014

On June 4, Mr. Eskenasi took 10 students to the Teaching Matters Slam Poetry competition at The New York Law School in NYC.  Many NYC schools with over 300 students competed.  Our students did exceptionally well, and Teri Glusovich (7th grade) was one of five finalists.  
Other team members were:  7th - Sebastian Fernandez, Janet Nwogu, Idelissa Fraguada, Teri Glusovich;  8th - Edibel Colon, Sydnee Smith, Yariset Cuevas, Meghan N'Diaye, Quinn Saxon, and Frericka Wade. Congratulations Icahn 1 students!

Where We Have Been

 Kindergarten has taken a number of field trips this year.  Check them out below:
Walking trip to the firehouse, a trip to the Botanical Gardens to see the train exhibit, and we went apple and pumpkin picking!

Earlier in June our 5th graders visited Philadelphia with Mr. Meyer and Mr. Silfen.  

Quote of the Month

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.

Cheerleaders Spring 2014